PetStock Adoption Day at PetStock Belrose

S.A.F.E. Rehoming has been invited to attend an Adoption Day at PetStock Belrose store on Sunday 9th September. The following animals will be attending the event and available for adoption on the day at the store, assuming they are not adopted in the menatime.

Please pop into the store between 10am and 2pm on the day to meet them, or for more information.

Boo and Luna - Bonded Pair

Age: 4 and 3 years Gender: Male and Female Foster Location: Narraweena Adoption Fee: $375 each

Boo and Luna are inseparable. Without Boo, Luna would be lost, she relies on him to lead the way and show her that all is ok and will copy everything that he does.

Boo is a Belgium Shepherd cross Cocker Spaniel and has parents in the defence force! Luna is a Keplie cross Shar Pei and had a tough start in life. She has had some bad experiences with males in the past and now is a bit weary of them to begin with but does quickly warm up.

They are both good with other dogs and enjoy going to the dog park. They do not chew shoes or furniture but do sometimes rearrange the garden to their liking! Boo has a huge love of water and they are both squeeky toy and ball lovers.

They are definitely big lap dogs who want to be inside with you and prefer to sleep on your bed and keep you warm, than sleep on the floor (we dont blame them!). They both have lovely manners and patiently wait to be fed.

Luna and Boo and both up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, desexed and treated for fleas, worms and ticks.

Enqire about Boo and Luna here


Age: 9 months Gender: Male Foster Location: Beecroft Adoption Fee: $200

Casper is a gentle and affectionate 9 month old kitten. He loves company and to be alongside you watching what you're doing whilst purring non-stop.

He will keep you entertained and amused with his energetic play but he will also play happily on his own or chill out watching the world go by from a window. He is accustomed to living with other friendly cats but has no experience with young children.

Just like any kitten Casper will need time to bond with you but once that bond is established he will be a loyal companion.

Please ensure you introduce new situations slowly and we recommend setting up a room for any new cat to encourage a calm and easy settling-in period. Casper is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and given flea and worm prevention.

Enquire about Casper here


Age: 2 years Gender: Female Foster Location: Beecroft Adoption Fee: $175

If you have been following us, you probably already know of Linda. She was diagnosed with a Diaphragmatic Hernia and had a huge surgery which fixed her right up! Since then, she has been a happy and healthy cat and we are ecstatic to make her available for adoption.

Linda is a big sweet heart. She enjoys pats immensely and will come when called from whereever she is if a pat is being offered!

Linda came into our care with her 1 day old kittens. Being a stray, we don't have any information about her history but we do know that one of her eyes is sunken and she has entropion on her other (her eyelid rolls inwards). Her sunken eye still produces slight discharge but she will either clean it herself or ask you to clean it by offering her eye as you pat her! We have consulted a few vets and they think if they do surgery, it may cause more harm than good and say that she is not in any pain anyway.

Having one eye does not stop her from doing anything though! She still plays sometimes, will run and play with the other foster cats in the home, come for cuddles and pats whilst curled up on your lap and find cute little sleeping places.

Because of her eye, Linda will need to be indoors, have an owner who can clean her eye every now and then, live with older children (she gets spooked if she doesn't see you coming with head pats) and can happily live as an only cat or with others.

Linda is vaccinated, microchipped, desexed and flea and worm treated.

Enqire about Linda here


Age: 6 months Gender: Female Foster Location: Hornsby Adoption Fee: $200

Millie is sweet natured and loves a combination of play, sleep and cuddles. Like her siblings, she is good with other cats and has lived in a multi-cat household since she was 3 weeks of age. Being a kitten still, she is full of energy and has lots of love to give.

She is used to children and does not startle easily! Millie loves cuddles, is affectionate and will purr just at the sight of any human. The whole litter has also been fostered by a very affectionate mumma cat who has groomed them, taught them to play nicely and to chase toy mice.

They are all litter trained, desexed, vaccinated, microchopped, flea and worm treated.

Enqire about Millie here


Age: 6 months Gender: Female Foster Location: Avalon Adoption Fee: $200

Chaos by name, chaos by nature!

This little kitten is the most energetic of she litter and very cheeky. Constantly instigating play fights with her siblings, he rarely runs out of energy. Given this she would not be suited to a home with older cats and due to his colouring her would need to be indoors only.

Amongst the chaos she causes however, she is quite an affectionate little girl and always enjoys a cuddle. She would be suitable for a home with children as the extra play and attention would help to wear her out each day. Stock up on tin foil so you can make his favourite toy: tin foil ball.

She has been desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and treated for the prevention of fleas and worms.

Enqire about Chaos here


Age: 7 months Gender: Male Foster Location: Carlingford Adoption Fee: $200

Jamal has a playful and lively personality. He loves to explore new things, chase his siblings and climb. While he can be very cheeky and likes to assume the leader role (he thinks he is a lion, only in a kittens body), he also loves long bedtime and morning cuddles and kisses - when HE feels like it. He shows his affection by rubbing his cheeks on and licking the faces of people he is comfortable with.

Jamal thrives in a large environment, where he is constantly stimulated. He needs a family who has time to play with him and respect his independence. He is comfortable around people and other cats. Naturally, he is cautious of new things and people but is quickly curious to explore them.

He has been desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and treated for the prevention of fleas and worms.

Enqire about Jamal here


Age: 7 months Gender: Female Foster Location: Carlingford Adoption Fee: $200

Myla is an extremely intelligent and sweet girl. She is independent and enjoys having time to herself, yet adores spending time with people too. She is curious and new things interest her rather than frighten her. She has been raised in the same household as two rabbits, who she loves to curiously observe.

Myla likes to constantly learn and see new things. She is quickly learning to give ‘high fives’ with her paws. This precious girl likes to lounge and watch TV, while carefully following any movement she sees. She is friendly and says hi by giving a short chirp and cheek rub. Myla and her two brothers were orphaned from two weeks of age and she has since assumed a motherly role. She is affectionate towards those she trusts, although she is weary of new people until she knows they won’t hurt her.

She has been desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and treated for the prevention of fleas and worms.

Enqire about Myla here


Age: 9 years Gender: Male Foster Location: Carlingford Adoption Fee: $175

Peanut is an outgoing cat who is a Tonkinese mix.

He likes to demand attention with an affectionate head butt and has a personality that's larger than life.

He is a sleek grey beauty with a lovely face who is happy to be inside as long as he gets attention and affection from his humans. Peanut gets excited when he hears you coming and gets quite vocal to let you know he cares.

Peanut is friendly and in good health and always uses his litter box and scratching post. He will do well in a home where he can get used to the routines and where he is the centre of attention and is given lots of love.

Peanut is vaccinated, desexed, microchipped and flea and worm treated.

Enqire about Peanut here

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