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Please have a look through the cats we have available and see if any are suitable for your circumstances.

Please note that all cats and kittens available for adoption have been health checked, desexed, microchipped and treated for the prevention of fleas and worms. Cats will be fully vaccinated, however some kittens, depending on their age, may be due for follow up vaccination boosters post adoption. This information will be provided during the adoption process.

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Age: 9 months Gender: Male Foster Location: Avalon Adoption Fee: $200

Milo is a feisty young cat with plenty of energy. Although he is in foster care with other cats and dogs, he would be better off as the only pet in the household, as he does not always get along with his flatmates.

He does however enjoy pats and scratches from his humans and even cuddles when he is in the mood. Being so young, he is still very active and enjoys a good run around every day.

Given his exuberance, he would be better suited to a mature household with older kids. Milo is vaccinated, desexed, microchipped and flea and worm treated.

Enqire about Milo here


Age: 9 years Gender: Male Foster Location: Carlingford Adoption Fee: $175

Companion on offer! Is your lap big enough for this handsome boy?

Monkey is an intelligent cat who is very loving. He will curl up on your lap, rub against your legs and bound up to welcome you when you get home.He is also keen to see what's in the shopping bags! His lovely amber eyes look straight up at you when you talk to him as if he really understands, and he is happiest when he is by your side

Monkey is a Tonkinese mix. He came into our care after a marriage breakdown and his former owners were very upset to give him up. He has a beautiful, silky black coat and keeps himself very clean. In fact, he is no trouble at all and lovely to have him around for company

At night Monkey is a perfect, warm, sleeping companion. He loves to fall asleep on top of the covers and pushes his back to fit the shape of your legs. He only 'toys' with his toys and prefers human company, with each day he gives more love. He adores cuddling and having his belly rubbed and generally being adored. He is big purrer and likes to have the occasional chat.

Monkey is vaccinated, desexed, microchipped and flea and worm treated.

Enqire about Monkey here

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