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Please have a look through the cats we have available and see if any are suitable for your circumstances.

Please note that all cats and kittens available for adoption have been health checked, desexed, microchipped and treated for the prevention of fleas and worms. Cats will be fully vaccinated, however some kittens, depending on their age, may be due for follow up vaccination boosters post adoption. This information will be provided during the adoption process. SAFE is a registered animal rehoming organisation, Animal Rehoming Number R251000093.

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Age: 5 years Gender: Female Foster Location: Avalon Adoption Fee: $175

While Scarlet can be shy when you first meet her, she actually has a very sweet nature and is quite affectionate. She loves a good scratch around the head and chin and enjoys full body pats.

She is currently in a foster home with kids and other cats, therefore given time and a proper introduction she should be fine with them in a new home.

Scarlet is vaccinated, desexed, microchipped and flea and worm treated.

Enquire about Scarlet here


Age: 8 months Gender: Female Foster Location: Telopea Adoption Fee: $175

Meet Flick! She's curious and playful, but most of all she's sassy!

While she does love attention, she prefers it from a distance, for example she enjoys cooking with you (mostly waiting for the food to fall on the floor where she can then snatch it) and cuddles with her fur-buddies. She adores other cats and spends her days playing and wrestling with her foster siblings.

She will take some love and patience to become a lap cat but will appreciate your presence either way. As Flick thrives with a feline friend, she must go to a home with another cat.

Flick is vaccinated, desexed, microchipped and flea and worm treated.

Enquire about Flick here


Age: 3 years Gender: Male Foster Location: Carlingford Adoption Fee: $175

Boris - black eyeliner and a beauty spot!

Boris is a reserved down to earth cat who’s not showy and minds his own business.

He likes his own company and is just happy to sit in the sun and observe things from afar. If you’re in the mood and have some time to spend with him, he likes to play with a wand toy, especially one with feathers on the end and he absolutely adores being brushed on his cheeks!

Boris has a beautiful coat and wears black eyeliner and a beauty spot. He keeps himself spotlessly clean and is on a special diet to keep in tip-top condition. Mind you, he’s a big boy! He allows you to pick him up but is not a big cuddler. For the first two weeks in my home he hid under a blanket but over time as he’s got used to me he now comes out for strokes and brushing when I enter the room.

You’ll need to be experienced with cats and live in a quiet home to adopt Boris because then you’ll know that he needs to settle in and join your life at his own pace.

Boris is vaccinated, desexed, microchipped and flea and worm treated.

Enquire about Boris here


Age: 1 year Gender: Female Foster Location: St Ives Adoption Fee: $175

Molly is a tiny pocket rocket. At 16 months of age, she is the size of a 6 month old kitten. She is sweet and affectionate, and will reward her human boss with loyalty and lots of cuddles.

This tiny calico cat loves to explore her surroundings and becomes confident in new surroundings very quickly. Molly is forever young and searching for the perfect home to grow old in gracefully.

Molly is vaccinated, desexed, microchipped and flea and worm treated.

Enquire about Molly here


Age: 8 months Gender: Females Foster Location: Hornsby Adoption Fee: $

Simba is a ginger and white Ferrari. Once you pat him, he fires up his purring engine. He is a very lively kitten who will play endlessly with his toys, and does his best to get into all sorts of trouble.

He is loving and affectionate, and adores the company of humans, and other kittens and cats. Simba is ready to roar into his new home. This fiesty kitten is ready for new adventures in his purrfect furever home.

Simba is vaccinated, desexed, microchipped and flea and worm treated.

Enquire about Simba here

Mooshi and Pookie - Bonded Pair

Age: 11 years Gender: Male Foster Location: St Ives Adoption Fee: $150 as the bonded pair

Mooshi and Pooki are are a pair of very affectionate and immediately likeable cats. They have always been together so they come adoptable as a special package... together!

They are eleven years young and have many years left in them yet and are healthy and friendly and are a good mix of chilled out and lively. They are big on purring and love a good cuddle.

Mooshi and Pooki will need a garden to roam in during the day but should be kept inside at night. Pooki is a little more shy to start with but will not take long to warm to you. Mooshi is confident and cuddly from the start.

Mooshi and Pooki are vaccinated, desexed, microchipped and flea and worm treated.

Enquire about Mookie and Pooki here

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