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Please note that all dogs and puppies available for adoption have been health checked, desexed, microchipped and treated for the prevention of fleas and worms. Dogs will be fully vaccinated, however some puppies, depending on their age, may be due for follow up vaccination boosters post adoption. This information will be provided during the adoption process.

Boo and Luna - Bonded Pair

Age: 4 and 3 years Gender: Male and Female Foster Location: Narraweena Adoption Fee: $375 each

Boo and Luna are inseparable. Without Boo, Luna would be lost, she relies on him to lead the way and show her that all is ok and will copy everything that he does.

Boo is a Belgium Shepherd cross Cocker Spaniel and has parents in the defence force! Luna is a Keplie cross Shar Pei and had a tough start in life. She has had some bad experiences with males in the past and now is a bit weary of them to begin with but does quickly warm up.

They are both good with other dogs and enjoy going to the dog park. They do not chew shoes or furniture but do sometimes rearrange the garden to their liking! Boo has a huge love of water and they are both squeeky toy and ball lovers.

They are definitely big lap dogs who want to be inside with you and prefer to sleep on your bed and keep you warm, than sleep on the floor (we dont blame them!). They both have lovely manners and patiently wait to be fed.

Luna and Boo and both up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, desexed and treated for fleas, worms and ticks.

Enqire about Boo and Luna here or they will be attending an adoption day soon

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