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As a not-for-profit animal rescue we often find ourselves in need of funds or items in short time. From animals becoming sick to fulfilling our long term goals, S.A.F.E. is dependent on generous, animal loving people in the public to continue the important work we do. As we do not receive any help from local councils or the State Governement, our supporters are truly another member of the team. This page has detailed information on each of the appeals we have recently put forward.

If you are simply looking to donate for no other reason than you love to help animals, you can visit our donations page by clicking here.

Appeal for Ethan

Little Ethan is a 3 month old kitten who fell ill suddenly. The foster carer rushed him to the local emergency vet as it was Sunday afternoon. He was admitted and spent about 36 hours in care, on fluids and in an oxygen tent. Thankfully he pulled through and went home to the foster carer a couple of days later. However the day he arrived home his brother Emmett was showing the same symptoms and was then also rushed to the emergency vet by the foster carer at 4am. Emmett spent over 60 hours fighting for his life, but as brave as he was, unfortunately he didn't make it.

Fading Kitten Syndrome is condition in which the kitten's health can deteriorate extremely quickly and is more common in kittens who have lost their mum one way or another and are bottle fed from a young age. Little is known about the condition's causes other than the trigger is more than likely any one of many things that can have an effect on little kittens growing body and immune system which is still developing.

Unfortunately most local vets do not assume the social responsibility of helping out these needy pets. We are lucky in the Northern Beaches to have several very supportive clinics, however the foster carer did not live in the Northern Beaches and as time was of the essence had to act quickly. The emergency vet that was used does not offer any discount to rescues or charities and therefore, even though little Emmett did not make it, we were still left with $3000 bill for the Ethan and Emmett's combined treatments.

If you are able to contribute in any way, please click here to go to out donation page and help us give kittens like Ethan the treatment they need to come out the other side. They may not all make it, but we believe they all deserve the chance and you are the person that can help us give them that chance. Any amount adds up to help!

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