What is S.A.F.E. Rehoming's euthanasia policy?

S.A.F.E. Rehoming is a ‘no kill’ animal welfare organisation. This means that any animal that has a good prognosis for rehoming will not be euthanased and there are no time limits on how long it takes for them to find their new home. This also means that S.A.F.E. Rehoming will work with animals, no matter how difficult a case may seem, if their prognosis for rehoming is good. With two qualified behaviourists working within the organisation, the behaviour of each animal will be monitored, and a behaviour rehabilitation program will be determined, if required.

The term ‘no kill’ can sometimes be taken too literally and it is particularly important to recognise that in some rare cases, euthanasia is actually the best option for some animals. Our euthanasia policy is based around the ‘No Kill Advocacy Centre’ in the United States which has been highly successful in reducing euthanasia rates of healthy and treatable animals, as well as other successful programs around the world. Animals which are too sick to be treated or are not appropriate to be rehomed, such as human aggressive animals, should be humanely euthanased to avoid them suffering any further pain, stress or damage. These decisions are never made lightly and are always in consolation with appropriately qualified personnel.

S.A.F.E. Rehoming does aim to rehabilitate and rehome every animal that comes into our care and these two outcomes are our first priority in every case, regardless of the animal’s history. As a not-for-profit charity which relies solely on public donations, we aim to provide a highly transparent operation and publish our animal statistics at our AGM every year.

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